"What will happen on my first visit to Dr. Goff’s Chiropractic & Wellness"

This seems to be what everyone wants to know before they will even take one step in the door. This is certainly understandable if you've never Visited a chiropractor before.

You likely wouldn't walk into a restaurant without knowing what type of food was served, you wouldn't walk into a chiropractor's office without knowing what to expect.

If you've never been to a chiropractor before, you likely already have a lot of questions and a lot of ideas about what a chiropractor does. So let's talk about what will happen on your very first visit to my office.


We only accept those patients for chiropractic care that we sincerely believe we can help. During the initial consultation, you will have a chance to tell me all about your health concerns. I want to know how it started, what it feels like, what you've done about it so far, and what may have worked before… even if it was just temporarily. If I feel I can help, only then will we move forward.


If after hearing about your concerns and it seems that your condition may be helped by a chiropractor, I will perform an examination. There have been times where it has been very clear to me following the consultation that my chiropractic office is simply not the best place for a person. If this is the case, I will refer you to another place better suited to help.

Our examinations are thorough but quick. The results tell us about your spinal joints and spinal nerves. It won’t be necessary to change into a medical gown. Simply wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

"Will I need x-rays?"

If after your consultation and examination I determine that x-rays or an MRI of your spine is needed, we will order those tests for you. X-rays are not needed for every person or every condition. The need for x-rays will be determined on a case-by-case basis and the reason for the tests will be explained to you before they are performed.

At the end of your first visit, you will be scheduled for a report of findings visit. This follow up visit is a second consultation in which I go over the results of your examinations and tests. More importantly, I will also explain exactly what you have and how I can help you as your chiropractor.

All of your treatment and financial options will be explained in detail at this time.

Spinal Decompression

Face it, the pills didn't work & the exercises only provide temporary relief, if any at all. The idea of surgery is scary! It takes weeks or months to recover, stealing even more of your life. Even with insurance the bills can be daunting. "What else is there?"

Not much, quite frankly. Until Now! Years of research by teams of neurosurgeons & scientists have finally paid off, Big Time. At last, there is a painless non-surgical treatment to help re-inflate these flattened discs, take the pressure off that nerve & put an end to your pain. Taking years of "wear & tear" off of your spine. It is a vital tool in avoiding back surgery!!

We combine the newest research with time tested treatments to get amazing results much faster than ever before. Listen to this:

Imagine, lying on a comfortable table, in a dimly-lit, private room with soft music playing, while your back is being gently and slowly relieved from its aches and pains. The process takes about 20 minutes, at the end of which you wake up – because you've probably dozed off from being so relaxed – slowly get up, and notice that your back pain is gone!

It's a new generation of this innovative technology, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. This new generation of therapy brings all of the latest research and experience at a fraction of the cost.

A recent study on Low Back Surgery found that only 20% of them are successful after two years. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is "very successful" for chronic lower back pain, sciatica, bulging or herniated discs, or arthritis.

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