Chiropractic care focuses on treating a person’s spine to help them feel better.

Chiropractic is no longer a new way to practice. The practice of chiropractic was developed over 100 years ago, and before that physicians had been treating the spine for centuries.

Do you already have arthritis or degeneration? That’s ok. Getting adjusted won’t make those conditions go away (nothing will), but getting adjusted will help your body to function better – and that’s the ultimate goal. If your body is able to function better it will move better, rest better, and feel better.

Chiropractic can also help with headaches (tension, sinus and migraine), “cricks” in the neck, mid-back pain, lower back pain, disc problems, sciatica, sports injuries, and car accidents.

Chiropractic is very effective, but it isn’t magic. There are miracle stories out there about someone in terrible pain getting instant relief with one treatment. It happens. And it’s fun to talk about, but please understand it isn’t the norm. If you have had a problem for a long time there is a treatment process and it can take time for your body to change. For example, someone who is out of shape can’t go to the gym for one workout and expect to be in shape. It takes time.

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Then what?

Good question. If after your consultation we decide we can help, then you will be examined to try to find out what is wrong and to what extent. Advanced imaging (x-ray, MRI, etc) of your spine may be required before treatment. Maybe not. We’ll have to decide that on an individual basis.

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