About Dr. Goff

Jonathan Goff is a 1997 graduate of Parker University in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Goff is happily married to his wife Audra. They have a beautiful daughter Lila and a handsome son Ty, and two spoiled dogs. Dr. Goff practices utilizing Diversified chiropractic technique along with Thompson and Activator. When he's not at the his wellness office or hanging out with his family, Dr. Goff likes to run, bike, swim, lift weights and play golf. He has completed 3 marathons, more than a dozen half marathons and a few triathlons as well.

His post-graduate studies have lead him to Functional Wellness, which is a method of helping your body get back to "functioning" in the way it was designed to do. Although sometimes referred to as "Functional Medicine," there is no medication administered. If necessary, only natural plant-based supplementation will be recommended.

"I lost a family member unnecessarily to diabetes. It really bothers me that I know there was more that could have been done to help him. Instead, he was taken down the traditional medical path that ended in the traditional medical way."

"If you are looking for better answers than the ones you've been given, and you know there's a better way than being hooked on drugs for the rest of your life, then I'd like to be your doctor."

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